A videogame about friendship and wrestling.

Releasing May 3, 2016 for PlayStation 4.
Windows, Mac and Linux coming soon.

Developed by House House,
with original music by Dan Golding.

Push Me Pull You is a sports game for 2–4 players.

Joined at the waist, you and your partner share a single worm-like body as you wrestle your opponent for control of the ball.

It’s a bit like a big hug, or playing soccer with your small intestines.

With every action affecting both you and your partner (and mandatory shouting) PMPY combines the best parts of co-op multiplayer with the worst parts of your last breakup.

Push Me Pull You will release May 3 2016 on PlayStation 4.

Windows, Mac and Linux versions are all coming soon and will be available through Steam, itch.io and the Humble Store.

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“Push Me Pull You stands out as the best — and certainly weirdest — in the [couch sports] genre’s newest wave.”

– Sam Machkovech,

“I don’t think I stopped laughing for one second during the multiple rounds we played.”

– Chloi Rad,

“a new sports-game that exists somewhere in between Hokra and Noby Noby Boy — aka directly in my ever loving heart”

– Brandon Boyer,

“laugh and yell and nudge and be visibly repulsed. That’s about everything I want from a local multiplayer game.”

– Alice O'Connor,


made with help from

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